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Western Mountain Ecology - The relationship between things
rather than the things themselves
, 2006
Acrylic on canvas (diptych), 81cms x 122cm
Awarded 2007 John Glover Prize

Raymond Arnold is an Australian artist/printmaker with a national and international reputation.

In 2006 he established Landscape Art Research Queenstown [LARQ], a non-profi t studio/gallery in the Western Tasmanian mining town of Queenstown. LARQ’s main intent is to develop a ‘wilderness’ art space with an imbedded residency program that will become a nest for incubation for his own art practice and that of others in response to the natural and heritage values inherent in the region.

For more information contact:

Raymond Arnold
PO Box 189
Queenstown Tasmania 7467
T  :  +61 (0)3 6471 2805
M  :  +61 (0)407 527 330